Arthur Gaz
Vital statistics
Alias Forbidden Emperor

Immortal King
Great Sage
Mad Warlord
High Emperor
Evil King
Taboo Emperor

Gender Male
Age 300-500
Race Human
Occupation Ruler


Affiliation Gaz Empire
Status Deceased (again)
Media info
Light Novel, debut Volume 1 (mentioned)
Manga, debut Chapter 0
Anime, debut Episode 2 (flashback)
Japanese Voice {{{Japanese voice}}}

Arthur Gaz was the former ruler of the Gaz Empire.

History Edit

Arthur was a genius who created new technologies and magic that modernized the continent. Despite this, he was despised and feared by others which led to a 200 year-long war between the Six Nations and the Gaz Empire. Due to his magic, Arthur was practically immortal (but not invincible) and had lived for around 500 years before he was killed by the Eight Heroes. His body was later reincarnated but was killed shortly after by Chaika using his own gundo, Niva Lada resulting to his permanent death

Background Edit

Arthur Gaz planned to consume the entire world's memories and feelings in order to control them. To do so, he initially died on purpose so that he could experience the meaning of mortality, where he explained that strong and deep-rooted feelings are the best source of purified magic.

He had no daughter of his own. However, due to the devastated state caused by the war, he was able to gather many young orphaned girls and brainwashed them into thinking that they are Chaika , who is Arthur Gaz's daughter. This results in the formation of Chaika Trabant, Chaika Bogdan, Chaika Kamaz, Layla and Irina, among several other Chaikas seen. All of the Chaikas loses their pre-war memory as a result and only awakes with the sole objective of finding their father's remains, i.e. Arthur Gaz's eight pieces of his body. The reason for finding the remains vary from one Chaika to another. Every Chaika is guided by Guy who gives them information on where to find the next piece of remain.

Before his planned death, Arthur Gaz managed to instruct one of his top scientists to create his treasured Gundo, Niva Lada, on a secret island that is protected and hidden using magic spells.

In season two, Arthur Gaz reincarnates from one of the Chaikas who managed to gather all eight pieces of the body, along with the absorption of all the Guys. However, he is unexpectedly killed by one of the Chaikas using his very own Gundo, resulting in his permanent death.


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