Chaika Bogdan
Chaika bogdan 02
Vital statistics
Alias Chaika Gaz
Gender Female
Age 14(presumably)
Race Human
Occupation Swordswoman
Affiliation Self
Status Alive
Relatives Arthur Gaz (father) (presumed)
Media info
Light Novel, debut Volume 4
Anime, debut Episode 5
Japanese Voice {{{Japanese voice}}}

Chaika Bohdan (Gaz) is a "14"-year-old swordswoman and is the alternate form of Chaika Trabant. She is in search of Arthur Gaz's remains and to kill the Eight Heroes and the ones who abandoned the Gaz Empire.


She shares a similar appearance with Chaika Trabant in having white hair, purple eyes and a mark around her neck. The differences are that she has shorter hair, her dress is red instead of white, she has a little extra bust and is slightly taller.


Although they are both the same person, Bogdan can be described as the exact opposite of Trabant in her mannerisms and attitude. She's hot-headed and unlike Trabant who prefers to use her gundo to fight at range, she fights using her snake-blade up close.


She is an exceptional swordswoman, and is highly athletic.


  • Snake Blade - A long sword-like weapon that can extend to be used as a whip.
  • Coffin - A coffin she would use to carry Arthur Gaz's body parts. It has wheels to carry it around.



  • Her given name comes from a car made by the Russian automaker GAZ.
    • Chaika means gull in Russian.
  • Her last name comes from an automotive-manufacturing group, the Bogdan group.
    • Bogdan can alternatively be spelled "Bohdan" depending on the country.
    • Bogdan comes from the Slavic words Bog/Boh, meaning "God", and dan, meaning "given".