Dominica Škoda
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age unknown
Race Human
Occupation Dragoon Cavalier

Feudal Lord

Affiliation Eight Heroes (former)
Status Deceased
Relatives Lucie Skoda (sister)
Media info
Light Novel, debut Volume 2
Manga, debut Chapter 14
Anime, debut Episode 3
Japanese Voice Chiwa Saito
English Voice Krystal LaPorte

Dominica Škoda [shkoda] is a Dragoon Cavalier. She is one of the Eight Heroes who slain Arthur Gaz.


She had long blonde hair and red eyes.


Born the eldest daughter to the noble, rural, cavalier family, Škoda; she rose to the position as head of the family after the death of her parents. Her father died after venturing to the battlefield in hopes to gain more prestige. He wanted to assist his family with this glory but fell short. Her mother shortly followed afterwards by succumbing to sickness. Even then, like her husband, she too, was still trying to support the family. And thus with her parents dead, all the responsibilities of the land and family went to Dominica. Despite her father's demise on the battlefield, she left for the war hoping to gain distinction and renown for her family. Leaving her sister Lucie behind to watch over the land, Dominica, accompanied by her dragoon, became part of the fight against the Gaz Empire by joining the punitive force. She and the others who would later be known as the "Eight Heroes" slayed the emperor Arthur Gaz; She took the eyes among his remains. When she returned home she discovered that her sister died defending the manor while she was away. To exact her vengeance, Dominica pursued the killers. Shortly after killing each and every one responsible for the death of Lucie, she withdrew herself from the world with a longing to return once again to the battlefield, one day. She was unable to see that day for Dominica died from illness, absent from the world.


  • Her last name comes from the Czech automotive manufacturer Škoda Auto.
    • Škoda is Czech and Slovak for "pity".