Empire of Consolation
Season 1, Episode 8
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Air date May 28th, 2014
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The Value of Memories


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The head of the Kleeman Agency, Konrad Steinmetz, asks Alberic Gillette to take a break on searching Chaika Trabant. While he does some research on Emperor Arthur Gaz, he reveals to Vivi Holopainen and Zita Brusasco that he could not find information about the man before the war, which raises his doubts. Elsewhere, Toru Acura and his companions encounter a group who calls themselves the "Neo Gaz Empire', who aims to bring back the Gaz Empire under a blonde haired girl who calls herself "Princess Chaika". While Chaika befriends the princess, Toru, Akari Acura and Fredrica have suspicions about the group. Their suspicions are confirmed after defeating the Neo Gaz's men, the group admits they are actually former Gaz Empire citizens who turn to thievery after being abandoned by the Six Nations. While Toru wants to leave, Chaika begs him to save the fake Princess Chaika, whose real name is Julia, after learning she got captured in a failed breaking and entering. Toru and comrades rescues Julia, which she and her friends thanked them but not before Toru learns, even during his rule, many of his citizens didn't know much about Emperor Gaz. Meanwhile, the Council of Six Nations deals with a rebelling Duke who rules a floating fortress.