Fortress in the Sky
Season 1, Episode 10
Episode 10 Title Card
Air date June 11th, 2014
Adapted from Volume 5
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Arriving at Iveco, Toru and realize something strange when they notice there are no young women and a lack of magic fuel. They soon learn from a shopkeeper that Duke Gavarni has been using all of the town's magic fuel to power the floating fortress Soara and his soldiers are kidnapping the town's women and bringing them to his fortress where they are never seen again. Toru's group sneaks into Soara by having Akari disguise herself as one of the many women being taken by the Duke's men where she helps Toru, Chaika Trabant and Fredrika get in by the fortress windows, unaware that Viivi Holopainen and Zita Brusasco have sneaked in as well. Meanwhile, the Council decides to take action against Duke Gavarni by launching their own floating fortress Stratus. Konrad warns Alberic Gillette to get Viivi and Zita out before the Council forces will destroy the Soara. Toru's group tries to find the Soara's magic engine only to be ambushed by the Duke's soldiers where Toru and Chaika escapes, Fredrika speared and thrown from the floor and Akari captured. Akari is brought to Ricardo, the Duke's youngest son, who reveals the Duke and his family were killed by Ricardo himself and he, his wizard adviser Grad Lancia, and another accomplice have using the Duke's name for their own plans before Grad uses a mind control spell on Akari. Toru and Chaika encounters a girl named Layla whose asks for their help in rescuing the women captured by the Duke's men but is led into a trap when Layla is revealed to be Ricardo and Grad's accomplice who kidnaps Chaika while Toru faces off a mind controlled Akari.