760188-julia bandit profile large
Vital statistics
Alias Princess Chaika
Gender Female
Age unkown
Race Human
Occupation Thief/Swindler
Affiliation Neo Gaz Empire
Status Alive
Media info
Anime, debut Episode 8
Japanese Voice {{{Japanese voice}}}

Julia is a young thief who works alongside Frol, Mart, and Lavr, and appears to be their leader who poses as Princess Chaika for the Neo Gaz Empire. She also seems to be fond of poetry.


She has long blonde hair and green eyes. While posing as Princess Chaika she wears her hair up and wears a yellow dress with a tiara. Her normal clothes are long pants, sleeveless shirt and a red bandanna.[1]


Was a countryside citizen of the Gaz Empire until it fell. She joins other former citizens of the Empire and formed the Neo Gaz Empire hoping to revive it. She takes the role of Princess Chaika and served as the figurehead.[1]



  • In Scrapped Princess, another series by Ichiro Sakaki, the main character Pacifica's title is also impersonated by a village figurehead leader.