Nikolay Autotor
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age unknown (middle aged)
Race Human
Occupation Mercenary

2nd-in-command; Gillette Corps

Affiliation Post-war Reconstruction Implementation Agency, Kleeman; Gillette Corps
Status Alive
Media info
Light Novel, debut Volume 1
Manga, debut Chapter 3
Anime, debut Episode 1
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Nikolay Autotor is a mercenary who works for Post-war Reconstruction Implementation Agency, Kleeman as the 2nd-in-command for the Gillette Corps.


As a mercenary, he is strong and skilled in fighting.

Equipment Edit

Great Sword Comblade



  • His last name Autotor comes from the car factory Avtotor (also spelled Autotor).
    • Autotor comes from combining the words auto and the German word tor which means "gate."