Roberto Abarth
Roberto abarth 52150
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age unknown
Race Human
Occupation Wizard

Feudal Lord

Affiliation Eight Heroes (former)

Delsorant, Couvert Empire

Status Alive
Media info
Light Novel, debut Volume 1
Manga, debut Chapter 4
Anime, debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Takaya Hashi

Roberto Abarth is the lord of Delsorant. He is a Wizard. He is one of the Eight Heroes who slain Arthur Gaz.


Roberto Abarth is from a knights family. When he was 10 he injured his sword arm and became unable to wield a sword. In order to compensate he tries to become a Wizard but only ended up being mediocre. During the War, he joined an operation that slain Emperor Gaz. He takes a hand and uses it for his gandr mansion.


As a Wizard he can cast magic but he is normally mediocre. The right hand of Arthur Gaz greatly enhances his power allowing him to cast spells within his mansion without chanting.


He can control objects in his mansion.


  • Gandr: His gandr is his entire mansion which he can use spells without chanting due to Arthur Gaz's hand enhancing his magic.