Stephan Hartgen
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Human
Affiliation Eight Heroes (former)
Status Deceased
Media info
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Stephan Hartgen is the King of the Principality of Hartgen and the former leader of the Eight Heroes , and a martial arts master. He is the ruler of the Principality of Hartgen, and hosts a martial arts tournament every year with his part of Gaz's remains as the prize.

History Edit

He supposedly killed Princess Chaika during the war. He possesses Arthur Gaz's head and torso. Being bored with the lack of strife that came with the end of the war, he decided to start a new war by gathering strong soldiers and assembling the remains, under guidance from Guy and the Black Chaika . However, it is later revealed that he was only being manipulated by them, as they were collaborating to revive Arthur Gaz. He claims to be the father of the Purple Chaikas. Hartgen was killed by Gaz after the resurrection.