The emperor's Fortune
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date November 5, 2014
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The Writhing Island
The Castle's Madness

Plot Edit

As the Chaikas are taken away, Viktor orders Kiril and Ursula killed, seeing no use for them now that he can mass produce clones of demihumans. Toru and both Chaikas escape their captors which both girls decide to join forces to escape the island and rescue the blue haired girl, Niva Lada. When White Chaika asks Red Chaika how she feels about the truth of their origins, the latter refuses to believe it as its up to her to decide whether its true or not. Elsewhere Akari and Fredrika rescues David, Selma, Kiril and Ursula where they agree to work together to escape the island and stop Viktor. Later, Toru rescues the Chaikas and Niva from Viktor's clone army and escape outside where they reunited with the others. As Viktor heads to a magical tower to mind control his clone army personally, Toru and the others fight their way to the tower so White Chaika can try destroy the tower. However, her Gundo is not powerful to break the tower's shield. Niva decides to help Chaika, revealing she is in fact a human Gundo when she turns into a giant Gundo cannon which Chaika uses her destroy the tower, killing Viktor in the process. With the tower gone and no one to give them orders, the clones will soon die and Toru, Kiril and Red Chaika and their companions decide to leave from the island separately and peacefully. Meanwhile, the Council of Six nations are suspicious of Stephan Hartgen hosting a fighting tournament where the winner gets his remains of Arthur Gaz so they send the Gillette Corps to investigate.