Toru Acura
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 20
Race Human
Occupation Saboteur (Former)
Dragon Cavalier
Affiliation Self

Chaika Trabant

Status Alive
Relatives Akari Acura (adoptive sister)
Media info
Light Novel, debut Volume 1
Manga, debut Chapter 1
Anime, debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Junji Majima
English Voice Leraldo Anzaldua

Toru Acura is a 20-years-old saboteur from the Acura Village. Once peace was restored along with the downfall of the Gaz empire, Toru lost his way of life. He hopes to find meaning to his life again by running around with a sorceress named Chaika Trabant.

Toru has an adopted sister named Akari Acura.


As a child, Toru had a very cheerful and outgoing personality despite being an orphan, even playing perverted pranks and laughing off a beating. But more notable about him was his eagerness to join the war and kill "heaps of people." This stemmed from his desire to "leave proof that he lived" by going to battle. If anyone questioned or denied that belief, he became visibly irritated. Despite this, he became good friends with Jasmine, a daughter of the leader of a group of traveling merchants, and was devastated by her unfortunate death, but does eventually come to accept it. However, witnessing her final moments and the unfair reality as a result of it further fueled his desire to go to war to leave his mark even more.

At the beginning of the series, Toru became very lazy as all he did every day was sleep and eat. Despite being a saboteur, the end of the war had robbed him of his purpose in life. Seeing that there was no more point to his existence, he continually refused to work, often saying "I'll lose if I work." However, his meeting with Chaika renewed his determination and resolve. As a result, he holds a deep respect and affection for her. Even when he finds out she is the daughter of the deceased Emperor Gaz and her actions could bring about war, he remains loyal and comments that he was okay with war. Although he desires war, he is not incredibly bloodthirsty, but rather wants to help Chaika fulfil her goal as his purpose in life. He refused to kill Fredrika as he sympathised with her loss of purpose and encouraged her to find a new one. When given the chance to defect to Chaika Bogdan, which would have given him more opportunities to fight, he rejected the offer because he would rather fight for "someone who needed him more."

Currently, Toru's rejuvenated state of mind has made him more serious and mature. He is determined to fulfill his goals, using whatever means necessary if the situation requires it. As such, he is usually stern and cautious, which sometimes puts him at odds with his companions lax nature. But overall, he gets along well with people. 


Orphaned at a young age, Toru was raised as a saboteur in the hidden village of Acura. There, he was trained to kill and gradually developed a desire to carve his own "proof of living". As a result, he has an eagerness to go to war. While living in the village, he got to know the daughter of a travelling merchant named Jasmine Hulo who visited monthly and told stories about the outside world to the children. Although she disapproved of his desire to go to war, they became very close. She encouraged him to find a different way to leave his mark, revealing she was pregnant and her child as her "proof of living". However, one night during a storm, Jasmine and her family were attacked by bandits. Toru immediately rushed out to help, only to find her dying with her child already dead. After she died, the village went and killed the bandits in retaliation, while Toru was made to stay behind. However, Jasmine's pointless death would impact Toru greatly, fueling his desire to leave behind proof that he lived by going to war. But before he was able to go onto the battlefield, the war ended. Afterwards, the village was destroyed and he escaped with his adopted sister Akari.


As a Saboteur, he is a Jack-of-All-Trades and is able to do many jobs with average proficiency although he is exceptional at battling.

  • Peak Human Conditioning: As a result of being trained as a saboteur from a young age, Toru is extremely fit, having above average strength, speed, instincts, reflexes and stamina. Despite not working for a long period of time, he is able to fight against a feila unicorn and return to fighting with almost no problem. Even when injured, he is still able to fight effectively for a long period of time.
    • Acrobatics: Toru is able to perform high-level acrobatics which he incorporates into his fighting style, allowing him to dodge and attack enemies from a wide variety of angles. He is also able to use it to sneak into enemy compounds through ways most other people are unable to.
    • Iron Blood Transformation: A saboteur technique, activated by extreme mental concentration, that optimises and redefines the user's entire body systems. This allows Toru to perform inhuman physical feats, such as repelling a feila unicorn or jumping several meters into the air. The transformation also substantially improves his combat skills and techniques, allowing him to fight against high-level opponents. A drawback to using the Iron Blood Transformation is that the technique requires a huge amount of energy. When Toru transforms for the first time in a very long time, he needed a huge amount of food to restore himself or risk fainting. Another drawback is that it makes him more susceptible to poison, as the technique improves his respiratory system which would increase the flow of any poison inside him. In the anime, his hair turns red and two crimson streaks cross over his face while emitting a red aura during the transformation.
  • Swordsmanship: Toru is a very skilled swordsman, able to fight on par with Alberic Gillette and defeat Nikolay Autotor, two highly skilled swordsmen. His main swords are his dual short sword com-blades which he is able to use very proficiently. 
  • Strategic Planning: An adept strategic planner, Toru's ability to strategize before or during a battle has helped him defeat much stronger enemies. Toru's keen sense and observation allow him to analyse an opponent and determine the best strategy to fight them. In his battle against Roberto Abarth, despite the disadvantage against magic, Toru was able to calmly set traps against him and determine his weakness that eventually allowed him to win. He was also able to figure out Fredrica's impersonation of Dominica Skoda, which allowed him to create strategies by using poison against her. 
  • Stealth & Reconnaissance: As part of being a saboteur, Toru is highly skilled in stealth and reconnaissance. Able to infiltrate enemy forts and sneak past guards with ease, this allows him to fulfil stealth missions without being detected. He is also highly efficient in information gathering, scouting enemy locations to find weak points or conversing with locals to gather knowledge without drawing too much attention to himself.


  • Dual Short Sword Comblades: Toru's main weapon, two swords that have crests on them that when matched to the crests on his hands, links them to him allowing him to feel through them as if they were extensions of his body. At the hilts of his weapons, there is a trigger that allows him to shoot out the blades that are connected by metal wires for a longer reach and also retract them as well.
  • Throwing Knives: A number of small throwing knives Toru usually uses to attack from a distance.
  • Cleaver: In the beginning of the series, Toru temporarily used a small cleaver with a point jutting out at the top. In the manga, the handles were also wrapped.


Chaika TrabantEdit

Toru first met Chaika while searching for food in a forest, and upon meeting Chaika who mistakes Toru for a bandit as he was holding a cleaver. Despite their initial rough start, they quickly become friends. Toru deeply respects Chaika for her fighting abilities and her determination to fulfill her goals. This inspires him to follow her, even at the risk of starting a war. Toru considers her his savior, as she was the one who encouraged and gave him a purpose in life. As such, he is extremely loyal to her, calling her his master and is almost willing to do anything to fulfill her goals. When offered the chance to join Chaika Bogdan, an opportunity for more fighting, he refuses because Trabant needed him more. She is also the first person he really opens up to after the end of the war, telling her about his past and the reasons for his motivations, despite knowing each other for a short time. His worst fear is her abandoning and throwing him away, however Chaika assured him that this would never happen. He can occasionally become frustrated by her careless actions and frivolous attitude, often having to remind her of her goal when she becomes sidetracked. There are also times when he disagrees with her decisions, but, in the end, will still follow her regardless. Chaika, for the most part, is very grateful for his support and loyalty. Even though they sometimes have disagreements, she understands that it is only because he is concerned for her. It is heavily hinted that they do have romantic feelings for each other, such as when they shared a tender moment while leaning into kiss each other before getting interrupted at the last second. In both during and off battles, they have a great deal of trust in another, being able to fight together effectively as a team, even for the first time as strangers. Overall, they consider each other as friends and comrades.

Akari AcuraEdit

Akari is Toru's adopted younger sister. Both orphaned at a young age, they were raised together in the Acura village to be trained as saboteurs. After the war ended, they left the village and have since been living together up to the beginning of the series. Akari is obsessed with her brother, often becoming possessive of him, especially around other girls, and constantly expresses her "love" towards him. As a result, she usually makes very perverted remarks and delusions about their relationship. Toru, for the most part, has become quite accustomed to her behaviour and typically ignores or retorts her in those situations. Despite this, they do care about each other and work very well as a team during battles. Akari has stuck with her brother no matter what, even when he became purposeless and lazy. Although, her patience with him has limits, once stating that if he did not work, she would stuff him. When he decides to follow Chaika, she also follows as well, saying she would follow him to the ends of the Earth (so she could stuff him when he died). This has caused Toru to decide to die by explosion some day. In a fight, the two believes and relies on the other to watch each other's back, allowing them to accomplish their own tasks when executing a strategy.

Jasmine OrloEdit

Jasmine was an important figure and major influence on Toru during his childhood. As a daughter of travelling caravan's leader, her travels brought her once a month to the Acura Village where she played with the children and told them stories about the outside world. In particular, she became very close with Toru, despite him often playing perverted pranks on her. Toru has once stated that she was probably his first love, although he compared it to children loving their parent. However, despite their closeness, one thing they could never agree on was the topic of war. Being raised as a saboteur, to Toru, fighting was his entire way of life. As a result, he became determined to leave his own mark on the world by going to war. However, Jasmine, disliking the idea of killing, encouraged him to find other ways of leaving proof that he lived, stating that by remaining in other people's memories and having a family was her "proof of living." At some point, she became pregnant with her partner. However, her entire family ended up being killed by bandits with Toru finding her dying and her child already dead. 

As the sole witness of her death, Jasmine's demise would impact him greatly. The cruel nature of her death and the fact that she lost everything in a moment would further fuel his desire to leave his "proof of having lived" quickly. Regretful that he wasn't able to help her but unable to do anything, Toru could only train and wait to join the battlefield. Even after the war ended, her death would weigh on him continuously. It would not be until his meeting with Chaika that he comes to terms with her passing and comes to cherish his memories of her.


Fredrika's first meeting with Toru was while she was impersonating her deceased master, Dominica Škoda, and saved him from getting eaten by Orthrus feiras. Just like Toru, after the death of her master, she lost her purpose of living and as a result, she too yearns to go back to war. When Toru directly asked her for Dominca's remains of Emperor Gaz, she refused and took it as an opportunity to fight again. Eventually though, Toru figures out that she is not really Dominca and defeats her as well. After her loss, Toru encouraged her to find a new goal, prompting her to get revenge and kill him as her new objective, much to his dismay. He would also end up giving her the name "Fredrika" as dragoons do not have names. In the anime, she is already named Fredrika and chooses to get revenge on her own. Since joining the group, Fredrika has made a few small attempts, mostly comical, at his life and constantly seeks to fight him. For the most part, Toru either ignores or refuses her. Although she disappears from time to time, during the time she is available, they are mostly able to work together as a team. Overall, they do care about each other and get along pretty well.