Vivi Holopainen
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Approximately 14
Race Human
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation Post-war Reconstruction Implementation Agency, Kleeman; Gillette Corps
Status Alive
Media info
Light Novel, debut Volume 1
Manga, debut Chapter 3
Anime, debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Iori Nomizu
English Voice Luci Christian

Viivi Holopainen is an assassin who works for Post-war Reconstruction Implementation Agency, Kleeman under the Gillette Corps. She is an orphan. It has been made obvious that Viivi has a crush on Gillette.

It has been revealed that she is one of the Chaika's clones.[1] She is paired up the most with Zita Brusasco and Nikolay Autotor. In the Second season, she becomes more of a leader to the Gillette group.


Viivi is a strong minded individual, with a tough exterior. At times she shows her weak side, like when she is around Gillette, or if something horrific happens. She's very loyal to her friends and cherishes them very well, she is closest to Gillette, Zita and Nikolai.


She has peach-blonde hair and blue eyes.

Due to Albéric Gillette's disappearance her appearance changed. She now has purple eyes and white silver hair similar to Chaika's and she also wears a black bow

Her other appearance is that she has purple hair and dark purple eyes. This happened when Nikolay improved her power.


  • Throwing Needles
  • Sword - (Season 2 only)


  • Needle Throwing - She is skilled enough to throw a needle to pierce a coin.
  • Martial Arts - There are very few instances where Viivi uses punches and kicks to knock an enemy back.
  • Sword Play - In season two, Viivi also takes up a sword and is very well versed in swordsmanship.


  • In the video game, Final Fantasy Ix. There is a character also named Vivi, who doesn't really know who or what he is. The interesting thing is, that Viivi Holopainen is an orphan who, after finding out that she is a Chaika; doesn't exactly know who or what she is and denies being a Chaika alltogether. This is most likely a coincidence, but seeing they both have the same uncommon name and a slightly similar theme, is interesting to say the least. Her second name refers to Tuomas Holopainen, a leader of symphonic metal band Nightwish.